You are in control.

A Hark-integrated Xerogrid PowerCube is a powerful tool. It gives you access to highly-detailed data and system controls in a simple, accessible format.

Many software platforms for high voltage batteries are basic at best. They have very limited controls and confusing layouts. That’s we we work with Hark to develop something better for our energy storage systems.

With Hark, you have the ability and the transparency to optimise your generation and energy consumption to easily save money and make greener business decisions.


Access Anywhere.

Many containerised battery storage solutions require a complex setup of servers and remote desktops, managed halfway across the world. But not with a Hark-Integrated PowerCube.

All the data and control that you would enjoy on a desktop computer is available at your fingertips, through the easy to use Hark Systems app.

You will have full control over your battery ecosystem wherever you are. It can also be integrated into the rest of your electrical system, including generators and other renewables.

Choose Xerogrid and Hark for a truly smart microgrid.

Bespoke Solution.

Your company is unique, so your energy solution should be, too.

We offer whole-site system integration, so you can control your renewables, grid connection, generator and individual loads in one place.

We can also add any additional features that you require for your project to make your site work exactly how you want it to.

Imagine controlling each individual load at your property to increase or decrease demand on demand. You can optimise your renewables and energy tariff use at the tap of an app. Hark can make it happen.

Take your first step.

Contact Xerogrid today to discuss how our energy solutions can help your business.

To learn more about the features of the Hark Energy Management Software and how it can help your business, click here.