An all-in-one solution.

Xerogrid’s OptimUS cabinet is a truly plug in and play high voltage battery solution for your business. The system arrives preconfigured with everything you’ll need to start saving energy costs:

  • 60 kWh or 100 kWh battery stack
  • An ENA type-approved 60 kW PCS inverter
  • Static transfer switch for G100 compliance
  • Renewables integration
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Climate control & fire suppression systems

When it arrives, it simply needs to be connected up to your property. Easy!


Expandable and customisable.

Paralleled OptimUS systems work perfectly together, so you can increase the capacity and power output of your energy storage ecosystem over time, as your business grows.

Xerogrid’s OptimUS can be seamlessly integrated with grid connections, transfer/bypass switches and renewables, to function in a unique way for your property.

We can even supply the cabinet with bespoke colour schemes and branding, to show off your green credentials to your customers.


All of our OptimUS systems come with the Hark Energy Management platform built in, to give you best-in-class monitoring and control over your system, anywhere.

Many software platforms for high voltage batteries are basic at best. They have very limited controls and confusing layouts. You’re lucky if you can view them online or through an app.

That’s why we work with Hark to develop a much more sophisticated system.

With our platform, you have full control over your battery ecosystem, with beautiful and simple-to-use controls. It can also be integrated with specific loads, generators and other renewables, for a truly smart microgrid.

Click here to find out more about the Hark Platform.

Take your first step.

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