G99 & New Connection Application Service

At Xerogrid, We know that the true G99 application cost isn’t just the money but the time it takes. We understand what a hassle it can be to deal with the distribution network operators. That’s why we will do the hard work for you.

After we have asked you some simple questions, we will complete all the required paperwork, schematics and plans. Also, we will liaise directly with the DNO on your behalf. We will update you on the G99 application cost and timeframes throughout the entire process. However, we will take full responsibility for its success.

Our service pricing is completely transparent, as outlined below:

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Please note:

  • All prices above exclude VAT
  • Prices are for the application service only and do not include quotation and upgrade costs quoted by the DNO

The G99 application cost has two stages:

  1. Cost to Quote: For most smaller jobs, the DNO will provide a quote for free. For larger jobs, there can be a lot involved in actually working out how much needs doing. They may charge between £750 and £3,000 to provide a detailed quote for the works.
  2. Works Quote: If they need to work on the grid, there may be substantial costs involved. This can range anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you have received a prohibitively expensive works quote and you’re wondering what to do next, visit our Large Scale Energy Storage pages to find out the other solutions we have available.

If you use Xerogrid to send your application, we can usually do this within the same day, or at least by the end of the week.

Once the DNO receives the application, it can take up to 12 weeks for them to provide a works quotation or a connection offer. Sometimes, this can be as quick as 48 hours.

Fast Track applications (anything 32A, or 7.2 kW) per phase or less are generally quicker than larger applications.

When you install 16A (3.68 kW) or less per phase, you don’t need to apply through the G99 process. Instead, you need to notify the grid after the installation using the G98 process.

Over this, you will require a G99 application before it can be connected to the grid. Anything up to 32A per phase (7.2 kW) falls under the Fast Track process and is generally quicker and easier to complete.

For more information on the process, you can download this document.