Powerful benefits, intelligent technology, Commercial and utility ESS.

The Powercube is a sustainable G99 type-approved solution to cost-prohibitive grid-expansion, grid-connection and fluctuating electricity pricing.

Intelligent system configuration enables stored renewable energy to provide a reliable source of power when the grid is unreliable. The Powercube can integrate with back-up diesel generators to provide the ultimate uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Capable of integrating with existing or new solar arrays to optimise storage and feed-in.

Xerogrid will collaborate with you to design a custom Pylontech specification for your current and future energy requirements. The integrated Hark sensor platform provides complete control to monitor, analyse and optimise the Powercube system in real-time.

Power to suit your energy demands

Custom-built secure containers built with fire suppression control as standard, integrated cooling and internal climate control in a weather-proof stand-alone unit with a compact footprint. Custom branding is optional.
The Powercube is imported seamlessly from China with a full spares kit to your chosen UK destination within 4 months.
Powercube 10
100kw output
200kwh battery storage capacity 
Powercube 20
350kw output
400kwh to 600kwh battery storage capacity
Powercube 40
500kw output
Up to 1mw battery storage capacity

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