A statement from Victron Energy regarding the current global position

The current situation – good
With regards to the coronavirus outbreak, our status so far is good. We always keep very high stock levels of finished goods, to make life easy and smooth in our normal situation of growth. This is also helpful in case of difficulties with production or supply – which could happen in case of the coronavirus outbreak, but so far all is well: production has been – and is still running smoothly; as are inbound and outbound logistics.
Our office staff can, and are, working from home in isolation. That is a bit less efficient as well as awkward, but very do-able. Lastly, on a more general level, Victron is a financially healthy company, and can handle several serious blows.
With those reassuring thoughts in mind there are risks of course, for example in case an outbreak occurs amongst the staff in one of our warehouses. That event would have the highest impact on our customers and ourselves. There are many, many counter-measures in place to minimise that possibility, and other risks.
In any case please stay safe, and I hope you and your families are doing well.