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Xerogrid install cost effective solar solutions, based on calculated energy savings and environmental benefit

March energy price trends

electricity price increase UK

The month of March saw energy prices increase massively over the course of the month. The month began with cold temperatures and low wind generation which left the grid undersupplied and saw prices increase. This resulted in oil prices hitting a 14 month high of $68.22/bl, which were back to pre COVID levels. The trend continued into […]

We Offer fixed price electricity generation with a sub 5 years ROI.

Having successfully developed truly  high quality, reliable turnkey solutions for off-grid energy independence, Xerogrid is now capitalising on their robust supply chain and design experience to be able to offer commercial grid-connected solar solutions.   If your a high consumer of electricity, have a good South, or East to West roof with the right circumstances, we can offer fixed […]

A statement from Victron Energy regarding the current global position

Coronavirus    The current situation – good With regards to the coronavirus outbreak, our status so far is good. We always keep very high stock levels of finished goods, to make life easy and smooth in our normal situation of growth. This is also helpful in case of difficulties with production or supply – which […]

£40,000 solar energy savings for a thrilled Yorkshire farmer

   Yorkshire-based beef farmer David Brown approached us after having been quoted £68,000 to have his farm buildings, office and new build house connected to the national electricity grid.    This isn’t in some rural back water in the Outer Hebrides, this location is just eight miles from the centre of York, and half a […]