1) Maximise your free, sustainable renewables generation:

If you’ve installed a lot of renewables, they may not be saving you the money you expected. Precious generation may be wasted when it is exported back to the grid.

When your peak power demand and peak generation do not align, you generate power when you can’t use it.

If this true for your business? You might need a large scale battery storage system to save this energy for later. If your building has high power demand and your system is large, you will need decent power and energy capacity.

2) Conduct peak shaving:

If your power demand fluctuates, you may have periods in which your demand is significantly higher than average. You are likely to be paying a capacity charge based on this higher demand, so it could be costing you a fortune for the grid to be ready for you to use this amount of power, even if it is infrequent. If this demand falls outside your supply capacity, you could be penalised with very high additional fees.

A large-scale battery system can charge within your grid capacity, or from renewables. This could reduce your capacity tariff and standing charge.

3) Make use of your time of use tariff:

Many businesses enjoy cheaper rates during the night and at the weekend, when demand on the grid is lower. Suppliers and grid operators incentivise businesses to spread their demand evenly, to make the grid more stable and reduce prices.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for business to make proper use of these rates when they are lowest outside of opening hours.

This is where large-scale storage comes in. The battery can charge at the off-peak times for you to use the energy when it’s more expensive from the grid. Not only does this save you money every day, but it also makes the grid more stable and helps reduce everyone’s bills.

4) Avoid extortionate grid connection or upgrade costs:

If you have ever built a new commercial building or tried to upgrade its supply capacity, you will have experienced the headache of receiving an excessive quotation from your electricity grid operator.

Even something as simple as installing a few electric vehicle chargers can incur a five-figure upgrade fee from your DNO!

Xerogrid has another way.

With our large-scale storage solutions, we can transfer some or all of your loads directly over to its ecosystem, so the grid won’t experience any increased power demand. It can be charged from a combination of renewables, possible a generator and a grid-connected trickle charger. However, it will not feed back to the grid, avoiding the need for a G99 application.

5) Improve your power quality:

Maintaining a good power quality can be a tough balancing act in industrial applications, with harsh penalties for getting it wrong.

Designed correctly, large-scale battery storage can be hugely beneficial. You may have heard that renewable energy can harm power quality by supplying only active power, thereby increasing the ratio of reactive power imported from the grid.

But this is no longer the case. Good quality battery storage systems can provide up to 0.8 lagging or leading, to keep your reactive power demands away from the grid.

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