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Xerogrid is the only official Outback Power distributor in the UK, so you can be sure that we’re a trusted expert. We have over ten years’ experience working with Outback systems across the world. If you come to us, you know you’re speaking to experts.


We have expertise in designing integrated systems which deploy components and products from across the Outback Power portfolio. Xerogrid services include:

  • Firmware updates
  • System Management
  • Safety compliance
  • System design / installation



We offer the entire range of Outback products and can assist you with our integration expertise:

  • Inverters and chargers
  • Charge controllers
  • Integrated systems
  • Accessories
Outback Products


Outback have an extensive knowledge base of support information and technical data. Access their support centre directly.

If you cant find your solutions then please get in touch with our technical team at Xerogrid. We are ready to help.

Outback Support
Xerogrid – Outback service centre

Xerogrid are able to service your existing Outback equipment and replace any components and systems.

If you have purchased your Outback products from Xerogrid we can meet the standard Outback warranty terms. Alternatively, we can offer servicing at our standard hourly rate of £65/hr, plus components.

If you are looking for a longer term service solution, why not opt for one of our service plans? They start monthly from £100, or annually from £600.
In addition, we offer installer support and pricing on request, as well as access to official Outback Power training on line.
Finally, we can support and supply your DIY projects and supply the entire Outback Power range.

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