Meet The Team

Ian emberton
managing director

Coming from a background in motorcycle racing and engineering, Ian first discovered the potential of off-grid power systems in 2008 when he bought his first property in rural Spain. Without any utility connections, Ian was faced with the choice of relying on bottled gas and a diesel generator, or building a more sustainable solution with far cheaper energy costs. He chose the latter and set to work building his own off-grid solar system using batteries and inverters imported from OutBack Power.

This system very quickly became the envy of local residents in the area and Ian started installing systems for them, as well. He discovered there was a similar demand for such systems in rural locations across the UK, as well as further afield, such as in Ghana. It was from this demand that he formed Xerogrid.

Josh Williams
Solar Technician

Josh is a self-professed solar nerd who is passionate about all things electrical. He is well-qualified, with a Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations, as well as an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. If he’s not tinkering with an inverter or wind turbine, you’ll catch him learning to code or moshing at a local punk gig.

David Groom
Logistics Manager

David is responsible for procurement, stock management and shipments. It’s safe to say that he runs a tight ship! Ordering from us gives you peace of mind that he has checked every single bolt and cable to ensure that your project will go as smoothly as possible. If he’s not packing up solar panels or counting stock, he’ll be shooting round Leeds on his bike or working hard at the gym.

Grace Thomas

Grace is in charge of handling our payments and accounts and ensures every invoice and payment is absolutely perfect. She is a recent convert to solar energy herself, with an amazing ground-mounted system at her beautiful self-converted church home.

Chris Sparkes
Project Manager

Chris changed from a career in Science teaching back in 2021 to begin afresh in the solar industry, due to a long-fostered passion for renewables and climate change mitigation. He is responsible for coordinating projects to ensure they achieve the best outcomes for all our clients. He is a full member of the Renewable Energy Institute and is currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Outside of work, you might catch him learning Mandarin, playing drums or adventuring in his self-build campervan.