The Northwood Fairy Trail England Complete containerized off grid system

System specifications

  • Location: Northwood Forrest, York, England
  • System specification: 11.4kw UK Sol 285w Solar Panels Ground Mounted
  • OutBack Components 2x GS7048E 2 x GSLC Load centres 2 x FM100-300v 24x OPzV 1000AH



Christian Van Outersterp Already ran a successful luxury Camping business in a forest near York, England.

His next plan was to create a fairy trail around the nearby forest, where kids could roam in an exciting, iPad free and safe environment, with a fairy museum / grotto in a cabin, complete with restaurant serving high quality locally produced food and drinks.

He already had limited electricity on the camp side, but the power company couldn’t connect any further load to that.

He was quoted a huge from the local electricity grid for a new connection and as the land was on a lease, Christian wasn’t willing to add value to the land at his cost.

He was also very keen to make this business sustainable, like the campsite.


We had the ideal secluded rural location, and a successful business nearby.

We were shocked to get an eye watering new connection quote from the district Network Operator.

Its simply was not feasible to pay that much to connect, and then get ever increasing bills.

The prospect of running 100% off a diesel generator wasn’t a sustainable or convenient option. We heard about some European funding to support green businesses, we didn’t think off grid solar was really an option in the UK until we found Outback Power and Xerogrid.

  • Christian Van Outersterp,

  • Director Jollydays Luxury Camping UK



·         To have reliable green powered electricity generation in a rural area

·         To have enough budget to buy a complete stand-alone system and change against a new rural grid connection

·         To have a self-contained and non-permanent system

·         To be fully supported by a professional installer, with remote monitoring and control over the system


Christian was very keen to be Off Grid. It fitted with the whole ethos of his business and sustainable goals.

What he wasn’t quite sure about was if Off grid in the UK, powered predominantly by solar would be reliable or cost effective.

Following a site survey Xerogrid presented a number of case studies, and suggested an already well proven set up using the very robust Outback Power Radian inverter charger system, which they could install and support to a very high standard.

The system was built in a container nearly 150 meters from the restaurant it was powering. Volt drop?? not a problem as the Radian voltage output is fully adjustable.

With large lead (85% recyclable) batteries being charged by 2 FM100s, the distance of the solar array on the edge of the forest wasn’t a problem due to the high voltage and output of the chargers.

Monitored, controlled, serviced and seasonally adjusted by Xerogrid, Christian can concentrate on running a great restaurant , lighting the forest glades at night wit the knowledge that if there is not enough sun the generator will automatically start and recharge the batteries.

.. However, the generator doesn’t run from April til September as there is enough power from the 40 UK Sol Solar panels.


14KW Outback Power Radian system  Radian GS7048E and FM100-300V System UK

UKSOL Installation UK   Otback OPZv Batteries install United Kingdom

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