Service contract

A small price to pay for peace-of-mind

As with any bespoke renewable energy systems, they need regular maintenance to ensure they are running smoothly. The off-grid, hybrid and battery powered solar systems we install will need maintenance. 

We provide service contracts to suit your needs, and look to cover seasonal  settings, as well as battery maintenance and system connection checks.

We can offer ad-hoc maintenance at our standard hourly rate of £65/hr, or offer a monthly for £100 per month, or annually for £600 per year. 

Remote monitoring

Your finger on the pulse!

Our manufacturers update firmware with fixes and features regularly. Xerogrid offer on-line monitoring and in some cases, where internet connection is an issue, we can provide and set-up GSM data links with high powered router-receivers.



Performance enhancement

Optimum power all year round

Using our considerable experience and existing data , we can often make detailed adjustments to your settings to improve performance ,and offer sound advice on system expansion . 


Manufacturers warranties

Don’t worry, we have this nailed!

We only work with manufactuers of reliable equipment. Their products come with full warranties. We can guarantee that anything you buy from Xerogrid either as a stand alone product or as something we have specified and fitted as part of your solar solution will be backed up with a product guranatee.


ready to talk

We’re ready to talk solar when you are!