Inverter RS 48/6000 230V Smart Solar

£1,785.00 excl. VAT

Off-Grid solar inverter
The Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000 is a 48V 6kVA Inverter with 450VDC 4kWp PV input. It is used in
off-grid solar applications where AC power is required.
Combination of an inverter, bi-directional DC-DC converter and MPPT
The inverter produces a perfect sine wave, able to supply high powered appliances. It is supplied by
a bi-directional DC-DC converter, that can either charge the battery when excess solar power is
available or convert from the battery when it is needed.

Wide MPPT voltage range
80 – 450VDC, with a 120VDC PV startup voltage.

Display and Bluetooth
The display reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller

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