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Renewable Energy Inverter / Chargers

OutBack Power inverter / chargers have a reputation of delivering superior product performance for remote Solar Off Grid power systems.

The FX Series Inverter / Charger is a pure sine wave inverter in modular form, one capable of producing cleaner, more reliable electricity than what's available from typical electrical grids and adaptable to nearly any system configuration through a building-block design. This product can be optimised for a variety of applications including Solar Off Grid, grid interactive, mobile and low power applications.

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Sealed Inverter / chargers: FXR2012E, FXR2024E, FXR2348E

Vented Inverter /Charger: VFXR2612E, VFXR3024E, VFXR3048E

Inverter charger mobile and marine applications Inverter charger breaker box

Mobile and Marine inverter/charger models

> Enclosures / Hardware for AC and DC wiring 

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