LE-300 Wind Turbine (MARINE version 12V / 24V / 48V - xerogrid

LE-300 Wind Turbine (MARINE version 12V / 24V / 48V

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Designed specifically for use on boats and yachts, the LE-300 Marine has been fully marinised for a long, trouble-free life. In addition, the LE-300 Marine has been fitted with stainless steel counterweights to offset the effects of pitching and yawing on the water. Without these counterweights, the turbine would constantly swing back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. For off-grid home and industrial applications, we also offer the standard LE-300.

All The Leading Edge are designed and manufactured in the UK. We only use high-grade components and, unlike many "cheaper" turbines, we prefer to use stainless steel and aluminium alloys to produce a quality product that will withstand all that is thrown at it. Voted as the "Best Value Wind Charger" by Practical Boat Owner, however, the LE-300 Marine won't break the bank.

Nowadays, many of us use both solar and wind power to recharge our battery banks. The LE-300 Marine is designed to be used with a 'diversion load' controller, making it very simple to integrate with a solar charging system and is available in 12V, 24V and 48V versions.

Key features of the LE-300 Marine

  • Excellent value wind charger  – Lowest cost per watt means more power for your buck
  • Powerful in everyday winds – In the cruising winds of 8 – 15 knots
  • Weighs just 6.5Kg – Easy to install and ensures responsive reaction to gusty winds
  • Quiet – Noise levels are 6dB(A) above background
  • Fully marinised – Aluminium alloy and stainless steel components are protected from the elements with aerospace grade coatings and anodising
  • Easy installation – Fit the blades & nose cone and make the electrical connections. All explained in an excellent user manual with detailed written explanations and diagrams
  • Designed for life at sea – Fitted with stainless steel counterweights that prevent the turbine from spinning out of the wind in choppy waters
  • 5 Year warranty – Backed up with excellent customer service from Leading Edge Turbines in the UK

Efficient design from Years of experience in the Field

The LE-300 Marine wind turbine is designed around a unique low inertia axial flux generator which utilises Neodymium rare earth magnetic materials. This alternator has zero ‘cogging’, which, together with its highly efficient and low ‘TSR’ WhispowerTM blades, allow the turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to react quickly to gusts.

Small & lightweight

The LE-300 Marine wind turbine has a uniquely designed aluminium alloy chassis that not only gives an overall turbine weight of just 6kg, but ensures responsive reaction to gusty winds.  This reduces the overall size and weight of the turbine and keeps the space envelope small enabling the turbine to be installed on yachts with ease.  The wind generator is fitted with integrated yaw slip-rings that allow the turbine to swivel 360 degrees continuously in order to follow the changing direction of the wind.

Rugged & reliable

The LE-300 Marine wind turbine has a heritage that is based around reliability and durability. The LE-300 Marine is precision engineered in the UK with only two moving parts so little maintenance is required during the turbine’s long operating life. The LE-300 Marine survives high winds by means of a simple passive aerodynamic design that limits turbine RPM and power output at a certain threshold.

The LE-300 Marine wind turbine is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel which has been laser processed, CNC machined, hard anodized and powder coated to ensure that the turbine will withstand the harsh effects of the extreme environments. The various fixings are manufactured from A4 stainless steel that can survive the harshest of environments. The bearings are sealed for life and fully lubricated, so no greasing or maintenance is required.

5 year warranty

For the LE-300 Marine, during the first two years of the warranty period any component found to be defective in material or workmanship will, at the discretion of LET, be replaced or repaired at no charge. For the remaining three years of the warranty period, LET will supply ‘non-wearing’ parts at no cost. However, LET reserves the right to charge for any fitting of parts supplied during this three year period.


  • Rotor Diameter: 1 metre
  • Rotor Type: 3-Blade upwind
  • Blade Material: Glass Reinforced, UV resistant Nylon
  • Rated Output: 85watts @ 8m/s (18mph)
  • Peak Output: 300watts
  • Cut-in speed: 3m/s (6.7mph)
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Generator Type: 3-Phase Brushless NIB rotor PMA
  • Mounting Pole: 48.3 or 50.0mm outer diameter (3mm wall thickness)
  • Output Voltage: 12, 24 or 48V