Off Grid and Living the dream, Catalunya, Spain

Catalan Adventure España

Nick and Debbie recently took the plunge to live the dream and moved from the UK to Spain

Taking full advantage of low property prices in rural Catalonia, they bought two remote Spanish fincas with acres of land with olive groves and open space.

It’s a common situation in Spain where electricity supply is just about impossible to get in rural areas due to cost, and this case was no different … a Whopping €30000, with months of inspections, and waiting to get connected … not forgetting one of the highest bills in Europe!






Their new businesses, Catalan Adventure & Ebroequestrian in Historic Mora D’Ebre offers a self-catering, private base from a beautifully located finca in the countryside, well located for climbing, trail riding, walking, perfect to enjoy the superb scenery on their well trained horses and even not too far from the beach.

Xerogrid has installed two of the pre-wired Outback Power FlexPower One 3kw all in one Off Grid Systems, with 9 x 260w solar panels and 600AH Solar Battery Storage.

We’ve been monitoring them online over the last few months.

Both houses have generator backup for recharging the batteries if there is no sun. But this is Spain and its hardly ever not sunny, so no generator needed since we installed 3 months ago!

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Catalan Adventure Mora D'Ebre

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