Ready to use mobile renewable power system.

This  mobile power system is  a fully integrated sustainable solar & hybrid electricity generator in a transportable trailer, designed with flexibility in mind, Ideal for low to medium power consumption applications where grid power simply isn’t available. Ideal for communication masts, CCTV applications or off grid computing and data collection.
The mobile unit has integrated battery storage that can deliver power during low light periods and during the night. As a boost to the solar power we have connected a leading edge wind turbine, the unit will also connect with diesel generators or grid supply to provide a complete hybrid solution.
Generated electricity is stored in self-maintaining deep cycle or Lithium ion  batteries. It is possible to integrate a small generator to each mobile system,  for times when demand is higher than the stored electricity can deliver. 

All the models are soak tested after manufacture and delivered ready to be deployed. These containerised Systems  have proven to be much more cost effective solution to supplying power compared to diesel generators. They are easily operated and the controls are ‘plug and play’