Xerogrid goes Intersolar

intersolar xerogrid 6

Intersolar, the world largest renewable expo, stopped off at Munich, Germany in June this year . Xerogrid’s Director Ian Emberton and Operations manager Michael Garro spent 3 very interesting days meeting major suppliers, and learning about the very latest developments in this rapidly moving technology. A good deal of time was spent at the Outback […]

A neighbour from Sotillo – 16 Solar Panels

Please share this great news. No more electricity scams! The electricity company was demanding him to fix the 92 electrical connections in the town, with a cost of 30000 Euros, 25500 British Pounds approximately; to provide his electricity connection. Today we can be very happy with the victory this small consumer has archived against one […]

See the Solar Powered camping shop at Glastonbury

Unfortunately, were too busy installing systems to go to Glasto but you will see a rather unique solar powered camping shop built into a container. For most trade stands at festivals there’s a fee for electrical hook up …. And a ban on using your own generator, so we were asked to power a hydraulically expanding modified shipping […]