See the Solar Powered camping shop at Glastonbury

Unfortunately, were too busy installing systems to go to Glasto but you will see a rather unique solar powered camping shop built into a container.

For most trade stands at festivals there’s a fee for electrical hook up …. And a ban on using your own generator, so we were asked to power a hydraulically expanding modified shipping container

The 24volt outback VFXR inverter and battery pack arrives at the venue fully charged from the transporter.

It opens up in 10 minutes using ingenious hydraulics, saving a day’s work erecting a marquee, or pulling one down in the rain.

The outback flex max 40 uses 4 solar panels to support the batteries powering the inverter for lighting, fridge and credit card machine.

Not only is this eco-friendly, time and cost saving, it means you doesn’t have to be restricted to being near a power supply

Go find it for your camping accessories, cooking gear, wellies and other essentials